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Current Status:
Art Slots: Three Slots Open
Tarot: Three Slots Open
Writing: One Slot


Decks used are the Marigold Deck by Amrit Brar, and a Rider-Waite that has been in my family for four generations. Readings can be enhanced with runes.
(I also have a new Woodland Tarot deck that has not been broken in yet, request at your own risk.)

  • One Card Draw: A single card will be drawn to answer a simple question.

  • Three Card Draw: Three cards for past, present and future will be drawn to answer the asker's question

  • Other spreads will be discussed beforehand.

  • Readings are done with the deck of the asker's choice.

  • Readings can be done with BOTH decks at an additional cost.


  • Runes are used to enhance and clarify readings, or can be done alone!

  • Runes are done in single or three rune draws.

My tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. I take my craft very seriously, take pride in my readings, and my cards are very important to me. However, these readings are not to be used for life-changing decisions. I do NOT do readings for medical or financial inquiries.


All art is done on an Ipad with Procreate at 720dpi.

I do sketches, plain lines, flat colours and shaded coloured pieces. Backgrounds are minimal.

The commissioner receives a full sized png with no watermark, and two web-sized pngs- one with no watermark, one with.


Main Carrd[email protected]-


I am a fiction writer, and am willing to write fanfiction, original fiction and other such pieces. I also am willing to provide editing, research assistance and beta reading services.

  • Original Fiction

  • Fanfiction

  • Editing

  • Beta Reading

  • Character Profiles

  • Worldbuilding

  • Creature Design

  • Research

Fandoms, interests and areas of preference I am keen on writing!

  • Star Wars

  • Mass Effect

  • Dragon Age

  • Hannibal

  • Animorphs

  • World of Warcraft

  • Flight Rising

  • Southern Gothic

  • Horror

  • Modern Fantasy

  • Romance

  • Erotica

Terms of Service

Payments and Refunds

  • There are no refunds for tarot readings.

  • Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes ONLY- no readings will be done for medical or financial decisions.

  • Payment will be requested via paypal invoice once sketch is approved. Half payment will be required at that point, and the other half will be requested upon completion, but the customer may pay in full up front if desired. (Fully paid commissions will take priority)

  • Once a work is started, no refunds will be given. the only exception to this is following extraneous circumstances where the creator is unable to finish the commission, in which case the piece will be refunded in full.

  • The commissioner understands and accepts that the initial price may fluctuate depending on the complexity of a piece. the final price will be discussed prior to payment, however, and will not be changed at all during the artistic process once it has been settled upon and paid.

  • The commissioner understands that the work they order cannot be used for commercial use unless discussed prior to commissioning, and understands that the price will go up accordingly.

Rights to Works

  • The artist retains all rights to authorship credit, and can display all work in portfolios or other related sites. non unique ( fandom related ) commissions may be used for further distribution and resale, but original and unique pieces will not be used for commercial gain by the artist.

  • While the commissioner is allowed to repost the work based on the artist's discretion, the commissioner understands that they must credit the artist on any site the work is displayed.

  • The commissioner understands that they are not allowed to alter, edit or plagiarize the artist's watermark or signature on any work they have commissioned.

  • The commissioner understands that they are not allowed to personally edit, trace, copy, or otherwise alter or recreate the artwork that they have received. if a commissioner is unhappy with the work, they may requests edits directly from the artist.

  • The exception is lineart- the commissioner may colour lineart they commission and may post it to their personal websites for display, provided the artist is linked back and credited for the collaboration. The commissioner may NOT have someone else colour the lines for payment, but can have them coloured for free if the artist is contacted for permission, and is properly credited.

  • Any writing commissioned will be posted on AO3 as a gift to the commissioner, and may not be posted on other sites by the commissioner unless full credit is given to the writer, and a link to the writer's sites are given.

  • The commissioner understands that the creator will file a DMCA on any instances of violations of these Terms of Rights and Usage.

Delivery and Service

  • The commissioner understands that they will be given multiple stages of updates from the artist, and the artist is obliged to offer updated whenever the commissioner asks for them so long as it is done in a way which cannot be deemed as harassment.

  • The commissioner understands that the fee for work is non refundable, regardless if they wish to cancel and order due to personal reasons. the artist and commissioner agree, however, that the artist will attempt to recreate the commissioner's vision to the best of their ability, and as such, edits can be made at an appropriate charge.

  • The commissioner understands and respect's the artist's autonomy and understands that the artist has every right to refuse a commission without having to explain their reasoning.

I will not draw or write any of the following subjects:

  • Bigotry or hateful imagery/themes- racism/transphobia/sexism/fatphobia etc.

  • Dub/Noncon (The ONLY exception to dubcon is if there is an established relationship and they’re both happily drunk and there’s no explosive fallout/ramifications afterwards)

  • Underage (I will write kid AUs where it’s cute/fluffy, but never anything involving sex. Ever. This includes cubfur- it won't happen.)

  • Menstruation (Some folks get off on trans characters involving menstruation/dysphoria over it in sex. I do not. Don’t ask.)

  • Forced pregnancy/abortion (sexy breeding talk is A Okay, actual forced pregnancy is not)

  • Domestic/Sexual/Child abuse. (NEVER.)

  • Incest (No. Just. No.)

  • A/B/O (If you want knots and pregnancy, or possessive scent marking etc I will happily write werewolf/monster characters with a trans lover. I am not familiar enough with/a fan enough of it otherwise.)

  • I do not draw scat or inflation. I just don't feel comfortable drawing it.

  • Watersports is a very case-by-case subject. Ask beforehand!

  • Cars/Machines/Mechs- I suck at them lol.



RunesTarotExtra Deck (each)Extras
Single: $21 card: $5Single Card: $1Single Rune: $1
Three: $53 cards: $10-203 Cards: $5Three Runes: $3
Five: $84-5 card spread: $254-5 Cards: $10Five Runes: $5
Nine: $126+ Cards: $30+ **6+ Cards: $15Nine Runes: $9

**Buyer can request specific spreads, or leave it to my discretion! Anything over 12 cards will be a flat fee of $50.


Headshot/BustHalf BodyFull BodyExtras
Sketch: $10-15Sketch: $20-25Sketch: $30-35NSFW: +$10-20
Lines: $20-30Lines: $30-40Lines: $40-50Kinks: +$20-40*
Flat Colours: $35-45Flat Colours: $50-60Flat Colours: $60-70Extra Characters:
Shaded: $50+Shaded: $65+Shaded: $75++$10 each, max 4

*Cost will vary based on kink; I reserve the right to refuse to draw any kink I am not comfortable with.


  • 500-1,000 words: $10

  • 1,000- 5,0000 words: $25-50

  • 10,000 -15,000 words: $50-75

  • 15,000+ : $100+ **

  • Editing: $10 per 5,000 words.

  • Sensitivity feedback on trans men: $20 flat fee.

**I am not taking long term projects of 15,000+ writing at this time


  • Art: Open (3)

  • Writing: Open (3)

  • Tarot: Open, all kinds, unlimited slots

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